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Moving Rates

Weekday Rates (Mon - Thurs)
*Except for the first & last 2 days of the month*
2 movers with a truck - $99.00/hr. + trip charge
3 movers with a truck - $119.00/hr. + trip charge
4 movers with a truck - $139.00/hr. + trip charge

Standard Rates (Fri - Sun)
2 movers with a truck - $109.00/hr. + trip charge
3 movers with a truck - $129.00/hr.  + trip charge
4 movers with a truck - $149.00/hr. + trip charge

*Packages above have a 2 hour minimum*

Larger Packages (Using 24' trucks)
4 movers with (2) trucks - $180.00/hr. + trip charge
5 movers with (2) trucks - $205.00/hr. + trip charge
6 movers with (2) trucks -$230.00/hr. + trip charge

Larger Packages
(Using 53' Tractor/Trailers)
4 movers with a 53' tractor/trailer $180.00/hr. + trip charge
5 movers with a 53' tractor/trailer $205.00/hr. + trip charge
6 movers with a 53' tractor/trailer $230.00/hr. + trip charge

***Larger packages have a 4 hour minimum ***

***Rates may be higher based on short notice and availability***

These are the classic packages starting at 2 movers and a truck. Standard equipment and tools included to prepare all the large items for transit. These crews are specialized for any size residential moving service including high rises and staging services.

The trip charge covers the time to get our crew to and from the move. It also covers the entire fuel expense, all the shrink wrap, and transportation tax. Since the trip charge is based on where you are in the valley and how many men we're sending, please call our office for a quote.

We highly suggest viewing our Insurance Option Page to see coverage options and exposures you may have regarding this move. Click here to view!

A few things to consider:

  • Our billing begins when the Phoenix Movers arrive. Our foreman will confirm a start time with whoever is supervising. Once the move is complete and our truck/trucks have been reassembled, the foreman will confirm the end time.
  • We have "No" extra charges for stairs, long carries, or mileage.
  • A representative from Camelback Moving will call 2 days prior to your move to confirm time, addresses and pricing.
  • Payment options are Visa, Mastercard, Discover and cash only! We do not accept American Express or checks.
  • Underestimating the amount of furniture you have can result in larger costs. The more organized you are, the quicker the service will be.
  • Our rates are highly competitive. Although we offer cheap moving in Phoenix, AZ and the Southwestern Region our quality is never compromised.
  • The following premium services can be added however are an additional cost as they are not included in traditional packages
    • Carpet film = $50.00
    • Felt pads for furniture going on hardwood floors = As needed
    • Installations – Mounting/unmounting of any item that requires bolting or screwing items to or from a wall or floor. Dis/reassembly of any specialized furniture = $75.50/hr. per lead installer.

Each crew will arrive with:

  • 24-26 foot truck or a 53 foot tractor/trailer
  • Magliner hand trucks
  • Heavy Duty Furniture Dollies (4 wheelers)
  • Webbing to secure everything
  • Furniture Pads
  • Shrink Wrap (To protect upholstered furniture)
  • 5 Wardrobe Boxes
  • Door Jam Protector
  • Curb and Step Ramps
  • Polyurethane Floor Runners
  • Upon request
    • Appliance Dolly
    • Masonite Flooring
    • Speed Pack Box

Of the moving companies in Phoenix, Arizona, we have the best boxes and supplies prices in town plus free delivery for any order exceeding $100.00. Click here for pricing.

We at Camelback Moving believe an educated customer is a good customer. If you’re going to shop around, click here to learn about the common moving industry scams and short comings.

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