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Top 10 Phoenix Moving Tips

We understand that moving can be extremely stressful.  As your professional Arizona moving company it is our job to mitigate your stress.  Your job is to be an educated consumer.  Please read and act upon the Camelback Moving TOP TEN LIST to a flawless move:

1.  PLAN AHEAD.  Moving requires planning and time.  Study the 'moving tips' section of our site.  The end of the month and weekends always book up first for a moving company.

2.  EDUCATE YOURSELF.  Understand the size and complexity of your move and be realistic about the amount of work it will require.  Underestimating the move can result in unexpected cost overruns.  We can help you with the estimate over the phone when you call.  

3.  BUY PACKING MATERIALS.  We buy in bulk.  Click here for fantastic savings on 'packing supplies' and recommendations on how much you'll need.  

4.  START PACKING.  Or, hire us.  We are experts in the art of packing.  Click on 'packing rates'

5.  GET IT IN WRITING. Our pricing is published within this site under 'labor rates', 'moving rates', and 'packing rates'.  If you like, we'll confirm your move via e-mail once you are booked.

6.  UNDERSTAND THE PAYMENT POLICY AND INSURANCE. Camelback Moving requires a deposit to secure each moving reservation.  The deposit is non refundable. Postponements must be received before 5:00 PM the day prior to your move.  Rescheduling will be based on our availability.  We understand that closings can get delayed.  As part of our procedures we will confirm you have keys in hand 2 days before your scheduled move to protect your deposit. Postponements and cancellations made after 5:00 pm the day prior to the move will result in a forfeiture of the deposit to cover that days loss of revenue. You will be asked to sign an agreement for services when we arrive to begin your move.  We charge by the hour and not by the weight. Once completed the deposit is applied against the total bill. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and cash. We do not accept checks, American Express, or Discover.

We offer a standard limits of liability contract and recommendations for full coverage insurance option through a 3rd party carrier. Click here to learn more about coverage and see the contract you'll be presented with upon our arrival.

7.  HIRE LOCALLY.  Use an Arizona based moving company for an Arizona move.  Camelback Moving serves most of the Southwest.  For long distance moves we can give you strong referrals on carriers that have treated our departing local clients fairly. 

8.  COMPARE MOVING COMPANIES.  Our policy is that we discuss everything with you upfront when you call and that our rates are in writing.   No long forms or e-mail addresses are required.  

9.  COMPLETE THE CHANGE OF ADDRESS CHECKLIST.  Click on 'checklist' for this comprehensive 'to do' list. 

10.  COMMUNICATE. You will receive a confirmation call from Camelback Moving 2 days before your move.  In the meantime, call us with questions or if the details of your move change.

We truly appreciate the opportunity to be your professional moving partner.  Please call us at 602.564.6683.


Chad Olsen
Camelback Moving, Inc.


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